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Steeplechase Pinot Noir - Flavors of ripe strawberry, red, tart cherry, a hint of cola, truffles and rose petals. With a medium body, racy acidity, a long finish and a touch of new oak, this wine is delightful to drink!

Pairing Notes
Earth flavor dishes and foods that are simple and rich pair best with Steeplechase Pinot Noir. Recipes made with ingredients like mushrooms, truffles, creamy sauces, spicy seasonings, nutmeg, and cinnamon taste great with Pinot Noir. Other foods that go great with Pinot Noir are lamb, duck, beef, pork, cheese, bacon, crème brûlée, and white chocolate.

2011 Steeplechase Pinot Noir - California Select Cuvée
Silver Medal Winner 2013 New World International Wine Competition
Silver Medal Winner 2013 Riverside International Wine Competition
Bronze Medal Winner 2013 Los Angeles International Wine Competition
2012 Steeplechase Pinot Noir - Mendocino County
Gold Medal Winner 2014 Orange County Wine Society Commercial Wine Competition
Bronze Medal Winner 2014 International Women's Wine Competition