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Houdini Sauvignon Blanc - Golden straw in color with robust fruit on the nose. Flavors and aromas of grapefruit, gooseberry and lemon. Fresh acidity balances this complex, fruity wine.

Pairing Notes
Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for a before or after meal drink. Houdini Sauvignon Blanc goes great with tart dressings and sauces, vegetable dishes, vegetable dips, garlic or Italian seasonings, Greek salad, Caesar salad, fish, poultry, Thai food, feta cheese, goat cheese, oysters, scallops, artichokes, green vegetables, pine nuts, fresh herbs, and green apples.

2012 Houdini Sauvignon Blanc - Napa Valley
Silver Medal Winner 2013 American Wine Society Awards
Bronze Medal Winner 2013 Grand Harvest Awards
Bronze Medal Winner 2014 Monterey Wine Festival