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Edenbrook - Chardonnay
EDENBROOK - Chardonnay

Edenbrook Chardonnay - Ripe Fiji apple, yellow peach and hint of butter are the defining characteristics of this medium bodied chardonnay. Look for hints of baking spices and smokiness on the finish.

Barrel Hoops - Chardonnay
BARREL HOOPS - Chardonnay

Barrel Hoops Chardonnay is golden Straw in color with aromas of ripe to baked red delicious apples, apple blossom, pear, lemon and lemon zest. These aromas are affirmed on the palate with some additional toast and toffee qualities. Medium bodied with a zesty acidity.

Blakemore - Chardonnay
BLAKEMORE - Chardonnay

Blakemore Chardonnay - Pale straw in color with just ripe fruit on the nose. Red apple, yellow apple, apple pie, toffee notes with a touch of caramel. This full bodied wine is full of fruit and also has hints of flint, smoke, toast and baking spices.

Briar Creek - Chardonnay
BRIAR CREEK - Chardonnay

Briar Creek Chardonnay - Medium bodied wine has flavors and aromas of just ripe fruit red and yellow apples, candy citrus, Meyer lemon, mandarin orange, ripe nectarine with hints of banana, hazelnut and almond. A smooth buttery finish combined with zesty acidity balances this wine.

Brick Lane - Chardonnay
BRICK LANE - Chardonnay

Brick Lane Chardonnay - Deep, golden straw in color with ripe yellow apple, baked pear, a bit of perfume and moderate minerality. Well balanced with hints of oak, this wine is satisfying and refreshing!

Callister - Chardonnay
CALLISTER - Chardonnay

Callister Chardonnay - Golden straw in color with baked pear, red and yellow apple, ripe apricot and ripe pineapple. Medium bodied with vanilla and toast on the finish.

Cliffside - Chardonnay
CLIFFSIDE - Chardonnay

Cliffside Chardonnay - Hints a medium intensity of ripe and baked fruit, apple pie, red delicious apples, baked pears and ripe apricot with a hint of mango and melon. Apple blossom, honeysuckle and crème fresh. Medium bodied with caramel, vanilla and toffee on the finish.

Crossridge Peak - Chardonnay

Crossridge Peak Chardonnay - Hints of ripe yellow apple, apple pie, quince paste, honeydew melon with hints of pineapple and banana. Fresh cut herbs with almonds and hazelnuts as well as some butterscotch and vanilla. This medium bodied wine has lively acidity, a long finish and is perfectly balanced.

Eastpoint - Chardonnay
EASTPOINT - Chardonnay

Eastpoint Chardonnay - Green and yellow apple with white peach, lemon and yellow cherry. Hints of yogurt, cheese rind, slight butter, vanilla and salted coconut. This medium bodied Chardonnay is toasty and fruity.

Hobson Estate - Chardonnay
HOBSON ESTATE - Chardonnay

Hobson Estate Chardonnay - Notes of ripe apples, ripe pear, candied citrus, orange blossom and white peach. Medium bodied with some vanilla and toast and a solid structure of minerality.